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Taking all Callings 40+ until further notice.
Riftology was established on June 16th, 2011 by Ezkill. PvE is the main focus of Riftology, with PvP as a side dish, raiding will remain a top priority. We are a newer guild as you can tell, but anxious to get our feet off the ground and simply start rolling through some content. At the moment, we are recruiting players who want to raid, taking level 45+ and helping gear our members. Raiding will be 2-3 nights a week, Please don't mistake this for a 5-night, 6 hour raids type of guild. Riftology has a lot in store and I certainly hope we can get started soon, please take a look around and fill out an application if your interested. 

*If there are any questions, please feel free to either message me on this website, e-mail me at, or talk to me in-game on Ezkill*
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Riftology Events

tannerzeke, Jun 23, 11 6:29 PM.
On the forums, underneath Riftology Events List, is a post containing all the information over what events Riftology is planning to perform. Check it out!

Forums are up and running!

tannerzeke, Jun 23, 11 6:11 PM.
Forums are now functional, please utilize them!
There are no upcoming events.
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